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Stress Management and Emotional Wellness
Unconscious Bias and Inclusion
Strategic Bias and Thinking Patterns

Competitor Neglect

Competitor neglect. The tendency
to plan without factoring in competitive responses, as if one is playing squash and not tennis!


Rooting oneself to an
initial value, leading to insufficient
adjustments of subsequent estimates.

Inappropriate Attachments!

Emotional attachment of individuals
to people or elements of the business
(such as legacy products or brands),
creating a misalignment of interests

Sunk Costs Bias

Paying attention to historical costs that are
not recoverable when considering
future courses of action.

Champion Bias

Accepting evaluation of a proposal more willingly when proponent is a trusted associate.

Loss Aversion Bias

The tendency to feel
losses more acutely than gains of
the same amount, making us more risk averse than a rational calculation
would suggest.


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