I had a woman client sign up with me to work on her anxiety. Over a few months we made a lot of progress by looking at the root causes, the inner child emotions, her belief system, her inner scripts and more. However, despite all her best efforts she would get back to her previous state. When I tracked my notes, I discovered her anxiety and irritability would be high a week before her menstrual cycle.

Sometimes in my coaching my work with women, I see them relapsing back to their previous painful states more frequently than other women. It can be very frustrating for them to be solid in their new ways of being for a few weeks and then fall back to their old patterns for the next few weeks. When I see that pattern, it tells me that those women need some help with their Pre-Menstrual Systems.

They need to get in tune with their bodies to understand what they are facing. A woman’s body undergoes changes throughout the month also affecting her mind and emotions. For some the swing is a little too much. They experience bloating, tenderness, mood swings, anger, irritability, anxiety and more. Different symptoms occur at different phases of the month.

According to the Indian System of Medicine , Ayurveda our bodies are made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether- which are combined as Vata(Air+Ether), Pitta(Fire+Water) and Kapha(Earth+Water) any imbalance in those affects our body and mind.

During the cycle:
Vata: Days 1 to 4 – Air needed for downward movement (Anxiety, depression, distress, sadness can be the mood issues)
Kapha : Days 4 to 14 – build tissues , make uterus ready for implantation (peace, happiness, satisfaction are the general mood descriptions in this stage)
Pitta: Days 14 to 28- tissues fed with blood supply and ovulation +implantation stage (Anger , Irritability, Restlessness , frustration are some of the emotions that can happen at this stage)

If implantation does not happen then Vata becomes active and the downward movement forces the shedding of the uterus layer. Any imbalance in vata, pitta, kapha in the body can affect the cycle frequency , the mood, the blood flow and the number of days. These imbalances can be easily fixed by Diet and Lifestyle recommendations form Ayurveda.
To help my clients and many others I have developed a 55 minute online course “A Healthy Cycle: Wisdom From Ayurveda” . It is all of 55 mins , it covers these concepts along with diet and lifestyle remedies for women to have a stable and predictable mood during the cycleBe fit and fine , when it is cycle time.