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I remember sitting at my desk in 2007. I was writing a piece of code to test new additions to the com.dll for the Windows operating system. I worked in the Windows team at Microsoft. I remember putting my head down as I needed to take a break from the intensity of  the release schedule.
I was trying to relax and get a quick nap. I think I was in a semi-sleep state when I saw a vision of myself doing a lot of 1:1 work, workshops and talks across the world. I saw a lot of men, women and children feeling healthy , healed and whole by the work I was doing. People who came in touch with me learned how to accept and love themselves. I was traveling around the world do many events with 1000s of people.  I was happy to see myself assisting others in their journey to become healthy and whole again!
As I see my work now in 2021, it aligns to what I visualized in 2007. In 2007 had no idea how I would do it, I did not have a network & neither did I have the inner resources to help myself become that person. I am still amazed with how everything manifested.
I liked what I saw in 2007 so much that I kept that image very alive and real in my mind. I knew I was that person. I had no doubt in my mind. Many wonderful arrangements started taking place.


Amazing Developments


I started getting many resources to develop my inner self. Mentors came way . They advised me to grow in this area. I had never shared my vision with any of them. Many big life changes also happened along the way that accelerated my journey. Resources started coming my way. People needing help start connecting with my work. All I did was that I stayed with my vision, the belief in myself and the work that I put in my personal development.
In June 2020, I felt the need to partner with more like minded organizations. Many unexpected things started happening. I received a huge grant from an organization to further my work. Another organization on my list connected with me on their own to partner with me. In fact what they got to the table was much more than what I had thought I would do with them. What they proposed aligned completely with my vision from 2007.
At smaller levels, when I desire a food item, either that very moment or within a day I get to enjoy it without much effort on my part. When I think of a person I get a call from them. I visualized a particular car at a certain budget. When I visited the dealer I was able to buy the exact same car, the same dual tone color and features at the same pricing.


What about Difficulties?

 My negative beliefs played out as difficult situations in my life. I attracted negative people, difficulties and lack. I was in resonance with those things and I attracted them in my life. Yet as I changed my thinking I found those people and those situations dissolved away from my life.

Law of Attraction really does work

I have seen the law of attraction work in my life even without knowing much about law of attraction. Later, I learned the principles and started applying them in my life. I saw amazing & quick results. I also found that Law of Attraction correlates with eastern philosophy and the Law of Karma. Many renowned scientists have also proved that thought energy can move matter.
I was convinced through what I experienced in my life, through science and through eastern philosophy. 
As I applied the principles I saw  even more amazing results in my life.
I felt the need to share the method with others. I created a course on the Law of Attraction so many many people could experience the same benefits.


Law of Attraction : The Vedic Way

You can get my course here
I love this course and the wonderful gains it will bring to your life!

  • Manifest Love and Relationships in your life
  • Attract money and wealth
  • Raise your energy vibration
  • Smooth out wrinkles from your life
  • Grow in your career and life work

I also cover:

  • The Vedic Basis of the Law of attraction
  • Karma and the Law of Attraction
  • Science & The Law of Attraction


  • Guided Visualizations
  • Introspection Exercises
  • Affirmations and more

Time Commitment:

You would need about 90 minutes each week to learn from the video lectures and do the introspections and guided visualizations.  

I so wish for you to get the same results in your life as I have!

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