I received a request from a 28 year old woman to help her overcome her generalized chronic anxiety,child abuse trauma, insomnia, nightmares and anger towards herself for her inability to finish things.She also reported indigestion and painful varicose veins at such a young age. The client was very bold in wanting to deal with those deep dark & painful parts in herself. 

I chose a few tools from my holistic healing and coaching system to help her heal and grow out of these issues. 

Elevate Thoughts and Beliefs: I worked with the client on her beliefs/thinking patterns to identify what is helping and what is damaging. We had weekly goals to assume new thinking patterns and shake out old ones. 

Energy Work: A lot of thought forms sit as energy blocks in our body. In her case she went through abuse during the ages of 5 to 10 and the trauma associated with the abuse was sitting at the base of her spine, her abdomen and chest area. Through guided meditations and focused frequencies she was able to release the trapped energy.  

Hypnosis and Suggestion:Through hypnosis and suggestion the client was able to release further trapped emotions by re-framing the stories they told themselves as a child vs how would they deal it now as an adult.  

Mindfulness Meditations : A few mindfulness meditations and breath work was suggested to strengthen new ways of thinking. 

Elevate The Mind Diet:  She was given diet recommendations to consume more roots, red colored foods, include more fat in her diet, stay away from overnight left-overs, maintain eating times and never skip a meal. All this to help her manage her anxiety better. I have created an entire course on Food, Mood, Emotions and You which you anyone can take advantage of. 

Because of my holistic process  my clients get fascinating results in a very short time.Within six weeks of coaching , my client was able to sleep better,become free from the traumatic childhood dreams, overcome her generalized anxiety, became assertive at the workplace. She is now looking at completing her education,take the next step in her career and have a more complete relationship with her spouse. Also varicose veins are not painful anywhere.

I cannot be more pleased with how well she is doing now . When I see clients get better it strengthens my resolve to reach out and serve many more people.