I received a request to help John out of depression. John(name changed to protect client privacy) was a 17 year old undergoing depression for the last ten months and was having difficulty performing in school as well. John was not able to connect with his emotions and felt dull most of the time. He was already going through therapy and was also under mild medication. I decided to focus on doing energy work on him as psychotherapy and medication was already on:

Energy Work: John’s energy had to be cleared. The aura was very weak. The root  and solar plexus energy centers(chakras) also needed clearing from trapped emotions and negative thought entities. The energy centers also needed to be energized.
After 4 sessions of strengthening the aura, clearing the diseased energy and thought entities, John’s aura was holding up to 4 inches. The John’s face was brighter. Since his aura was holding up , it meant that the energy body’s natural healing mechanism would kick in improving the energy flow and help John heal himself out of depression.

Release Trapped Emotions: John was able to recognize these trapped emotions after 4 sessions of energy work. The energy work helped clear out the diseased energy that was making him dull unable to get in touch with himself. Gradually John was able to recognize and feel the trapped emotions he had and point to where he felt in the body. I was able to detect the emotions in those places as well and John’s acknowledgement helped me confirm my scanning was true. We released trapped emotions through energy work by clearing the areas in the body and chakras where John felt the emotions of anger, self-acceptance, pain from unresolved relationships and guilt in how he had treated others.

Breath Work: I recommended John to do 10 counts of breath work every day to support the energy work. This specific breath work helps us heal emotionally.

Inter-generational Trauma: Departed souls in the family system need to be acknowledged and honored, because it is by the contribution of our ancestors that we get our benefits. Also departed souls who may not be our ancestors but from our generation or the next also need to be acknowledged as we are still connected energetically with them. I recommended that John and his family perform those daily rituals to acknowledge the departed souls in their family regularly. Doing so helps one express gratitude and keep the energy balance in the family. Many times one experiences mental health issues because of not acknowledging our connection with departed souls from the family.

Forgiveness and Karma:  We end up having trapped negative energy from our karma – when we have hurt or harmed others in the past. Our past activities have a huge bearing on our current state. By using the simple technique of “Ho’oponopono” (the Hawaiian tradition of taking full responsibility and seeking forgiveness).I encouraged the client to seek forgiveness from people he may have hurt in this lifetime and previous lifetimes and make that a daily practice.

As we worked on these areas John was able to get in touch with himself, overcome and clear self-defeating thoughts that were plaguing his mind. John now has a plan to get back to his normal self in his education and social life.

It is important to have a holistic approach to heal oneself. Working with an energy healer is as important as working with mental health professionals. One may go through therapy/coaching for years and progress very slowly, but by combining energy work with coaching one can bounce back fast. I am committed to helping my clients grow through these methods of coaching and energy healing.  You can also see how this holistic approach helped overcome anxiety for a woman who was abused as a child.

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