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Leadership Training & Coaching!

Are you looking for increased innovation, productivity & collaboration within teams? A positive shift in decision making for successful strategy, planning and execution? Agility in responding to market disruptors and competitors? Building on existing strengths while encouraging innovation for the future?

I invite you to consider corporate training and coaching with me and my team!! Led by experienced coaches with a proven track record of success, our program offers a customized approach that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

What makes us different?

What sets our coaching apart is our ability to combine the best of both worlds. By integrating Eastern and Western wisdom, we are able to provide a holistic approach to leadership development that addresses both the inner and outer aspects of leadership.

Our coaches are well versed in both Eastern Wisdom and Western psychology models, and they provide tailor made solutions for the individual needs of each participant. Whether you are looking to develop your communication skills, build a high-performing team, or navigate complex organizational dynamics, our coaching program can help you achieve your goals.

 In addition to that our coaches are accomplished leaders in their own industries leading large teams and multi million dollar decisions. 

Our coaching method emphasizes the importance of introspection, mindfulness, and self-awareness in leadership. We incorporate these elements by encouraging individuals to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses, and to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their leadership style.  We provide practical tools and techniques that individuals can use to develop their leadership skills & achieve company goals!

 So if you're looking for a coaching program that combines the best of Eastern and Western wisdom, then look no further than our Leadership Coaching program. We invite you to join us and discover the power of a holistic approach to leadership development.    

Who do we train?

Our program is ideal for companies that are looking to invest in their employees and develop a culture of strong leadership. Whether you're looking to promote from within, develop your existing leadership team, or provide leadership training to new hires, our program can help.


  • Improved Productivity: Training helps managers achieve better team management, leading to increased productivity and profitability.   
  • Better Communication: Training improves communication skills and builds stronger relationships with team members and stakeholders, essential for successful management.   
  • Adaptability: Training helps managers adapt to new challenges and opportunities, stay ahead of competition by developing necessary skills and knowledge.

C Level Execs

  • Strategic Thinking: Coaching : C-level executives need to have a strategic vision for their organization and be able to execute on it. Training can help them develop their strategic thinking skills and make better decisions for the organization.
  • Leadership Development: C-level executives are responsible for leading their organization and setting the tone for its culture. Training can help them develop their leadership skills and build a strong, high-performing team.
  • Industry Trends: C-level executives need to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in order to make informed decisions for their organization. Training can provide them with the knowledge and insights they need to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Business Management: Entrepreneurs need to have a solid understanding of business management in order to grow and scale their organization. Training can provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to manage finances, operations, and personnel effectively. 
  • Networking: Networking can also help entrepreneurs stay informed about industry trends and market demands, allowing them to innovate and create new business opportunities.
  • Innovation: Entrepreneurs need to be innovative and creative in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Training can help them develop their innovation skills and identify new opportunities for growth.   

Our Services

Our focus is in helping organizations achieve the real-world results. Our coaching and training programs are designed to help your employees develop the skills they need to succeed in today's competitive business landscape. With our support, your team can improve their performance, increase their engagement, and contribute more effectively to your company's bottom line.

We believe in a consultative approach to leadership development. We work closely with organizations to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals before designing and delivering customized training programs. Our approach is designed to empower leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to achieve their objectives and drive organizational success.

We offer the following services!

1:1 Coaching

This a personalized coaching approach where a coach works directly with an individual client to help them achieve their specific goals.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is coaching that takes place in a group setting. It involves a coach working with multiple clients at the same time. Group coaching is designed to help individuals learn from each other, share experiences, and support one another as they work towards their goals.

online & In person TRaining 

Training programs are designed to provide individuals with specific skills, knowledge or abilities in a structured and systematic way. These programs may be delivered in a variety of formats, including online courses, workshops, seminars, and in-person training sessions. The aim of training programs is to teach participants new skills, and to help them apply those skills to their work or personal lives.

Training/Coaching Focus Areas!

We believe in a consultative approach to leadership development. We work closely with organizations to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals before designing and delivering customized training programs. Our approach is designed to empower leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to achieve their objectives and drive organizational success.

Our expert trainers and coaches have extensive experience working with leaders across various industries and sectors. We leverage this expertise to deliver high-impact training and coaching that addresses the specific needs of each organization. 

Whether you are looking to improve your team's conflict resolution skills, enhance your diversity and inclusion practices, or develop a comprehensive business strategy, we are here to help.
Find below some areas we have expertise in!

Coaching Leaders Development

In the 21st century workplace, the strict management style of leadership doesn’t align with the expectations of employees, which is why coaching leadership is becoming more widespread.

This leadership style focuses on developing individuals, nurturing the learning process, and focusing on long-term improvements. Companies are recognizing this brings in and are investing more into training leaders to be coaches.

emotional intelligence

Leaders who possess emotional intelligence are better equipped to manage their own emotions, navigate challenging situations, inspire their team members, and make informed decisions.

 As teams become more diverse and global, leaders who possess emotional intelligence are better able to communicate effective


people management

People management training can help leaders develop a range of skills, including communication, conflict resolution, and performance management.

This will help them build the foundation of trust, teamwork and employee growth within the organization.

unconsCious bias

Training in unconscious bias is crucial for leaders in decision-making roles as their biases can have a significant impact on organizational outcomes.
Biases can lead to poor decision-making, limited diversity, and a lack of inclusivity in the workplace.

Leaders who undergo unconscious bias training can learn to recognize their biases and make decisions based on merit rather than preconceived notions.

conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is a crucial skill that leaders must possess, as workplace conflicts can have negative consequences on employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Leaders who undergo training in conflict resolution can learn how to identify and address conflicts before they escalate, develop effective communication and negotiation skills, and foster a culture of respect and collaboration in the workplace.   

risk taking ability

Risk-taking is an essential aspect of leadership, especially in today's rapidly changing business landscape. Effective leaders must be able to take calculated risks to drive innovation, growth, and progress.

Leaders who undergo risk-taking training can learn how to identify and evaluate risks, make informed decisions, and develop risk mitigation strategies. 

stress management

Leadership roles can be demanding and stressful, and the ability to manage stress effectively is critical for maintaining personal well-being and leading others effectively.

 High levels of stress can lead to burnout, reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism.

 Leaders who undergo stress management training can learn techniques to manage stress, such as mindfulness, time management, and self-care strategies.
Leaders who model healthy stress management behaviors can create a more positive work culture that encourages employees to manage their stress effectively as well.    

VUCA preparedness

Leaders need training in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) preparedness because the business environment is becoming increasingly unpredictable and complex, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes is crucial for success.

VUCA preparedness training can help leaders develop a mindset of agility, resilience, and innovation, enabling them to navigate through ambiguity and uncertainty. They can identify potential disruptions and develop contingency plans to mitigate risks. It helps organizations stay ahead of the competition, drive organizational growth, and create a culture of continuous improvement.    

relationship management

Building and maintaining strong relationships is crucial for achieving organizational goals. Effective leaders must be able to build trust, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. Relationship management training can help leaders develop emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution techniques.

Leaders who undergo this training can learn how to build rapport, manage difficult conversations, and negotiate effectively.  Ultimately, leaders who excel in relationship management are better positioned to achieve their goals and drive organizational success.    


A positive and inclusive workplace culture is critical for attracting and retaining top talent and driving business success. Effective leaders must be able to create a culture that aligns with the organization's values and supports its goals. Organizational culture transformation training can help leaders identify areas of improvement, develop a vision for the desired culture, and create a roadmap for achieving the desired culture.

 It helps leaders build a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation, leading to improved employee satisfaction, retention, and overall business outcomes.    

diversity & Inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial for achieving organizational success. Diversity and inclusion training can help leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to create an inclusive culture.

Leaders who undergo this training can learn how to recognize and address unconscious biases, create equitable hiring and promotion practices, and develop cultural competence. This type of training can help leaders build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, which can lead to improved innovation, creativity, and decision-making. 

business strategy

Leaders need training in business strategy because it is critical to achieving long-term organizational success. Business strategy training can help leaders develop the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze the market, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for achieving the organization's objectives.

Leaders who undergo this training can learn how to develop a competitive advantage, manage risk, and adapt to changes in the business environment. This helps leaders make informed decisions that drive organizational growth, profitability, and sustainability.     

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