1:1 Coaching With Namita

I am passionate about helping people achieve success in different aspects of their lives- Personal Growth, Relationships, Parenting and their Careers.

I have a holistic approach in working with the body, the mind and the energy blocks. Thoughts and biases are deep seated in the sub-conscious. It is essential to work at all three levels to help my clients achieve their goals. I draw from psychotherapy along with the eastern methods of Ayurveda, Mindfulness & Energy Management in my coaching. 

My clients achieve 100% success in achieving their goals through my holistic system as can be seen on the testimonials page.




Personal Coaching

–Take control of your life and emotions(anxiety, depression, fear)
–Align your actions with your values and vision
–Overcome past narratives that guide your decisions
–Heal deep-seated traumas in the sub-conscious
–Support yourself through Life- Transitions
–Achieve inner balance and peace                                                                —-Develop Self-Acceptance, Self-Love and Compassion
–Live a fuller version of yourself

Career Coaching
–Where do you want to be in your career?
–Align your outer work life with your true inner personality – who you are and who your meant to be
–Identify which of your unconscious biases and fears are blocking you from achieving your true potential in your career
–Build confidence and clarity to truly empower yourself
Relationship and Couples Coaching
Work and heal your barriers to intimacy and close connection
Learn how to share love & communicate your needs
Work on role clarity within the relationship and areas to support each other
Develop an intimate relationship with your partner, understand and respond to their needs
Parent Coaching

Understand your children’s personality type to have a better relationship with them.
Work on yourself to help your children achieve emotional balance 
Accept your children for who they are,nurture them to become who they are meant to become
Identify and work on the biases that maybe guiding your parenting

Holistic Methodology

Elevate Thoughts & Beliefs

It is our thought patterns that influence our behaviors and emotional states. Work with me to identify those “Irrational Thinking Patterns” that are unhelpful in meeting your basic desires/goals and replace them with “Rational Thinking Patterns”

Energy Healing & Breath Work

Energy work is a profound way to deeply transform the hidden beliefs, judgments and feelings. I help you clear diseased energy blocks, re-energize, balance and calm your energy field using proven methods to live with happiness and true empowerment.


Every emotion has wisdom in it, and it is usually more profound than people think or feel. Hypnosis helps us understand, heal and re-frame our thoughts around the serious trauma, abuse, loss, self-esteem, relationship issues that have crippled us and still guiding our lives.

Personality Test

Knowledge of your personality type gives you a clear handle of what you are good at and what you need to improve upon.It helps you understand others as well- leading to a smoother relationship with yourself and others.

Mindfulness Meditations 

Guided mindfulness meditations are a super tool for personal growth and self-understanding.It helps you see and transform your obsessive, compulsive, defensive patterns of behavior, and the underlying, ordinarily unconscious, feelings that fuel such patterns.

Elevate The Mind Diet 

What we eat has a huge impact on our thought process, our emotional states and our determination in achieving our goals. Depending upon your presenting issue, I prescribe a diet to help you calm your emotions and improve your ability to stay focused on your coaching goals for lasting change

Breath Meditations

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