Namita’s Inner Circle

A premium high touch program for a select few! 


 Imagine how different your life would be when you start living with inner balance, purpose clarity and alignment with yourself.

When you are in a great place with respect to your relationships, wealth, career, spirituality and your own self! 

When you are able to rise to your true potential and achieve all that you are meant to achieve in your life! When you are able to provide the much needed leadership to yourself, your organization, your family and your community!

What if you can get there with the help of a select group of like minded high-achievers supporting each other in their growth?
 Add to that,high touch, high impact 1:1 coaching with me to help you reach your Zenith!  

Welcome to my Inner Circle !

Once you are in my Inner Circle, you can rest assured that you will receive everything you need to make progress in your life.

You will receive my team’s and my exclusive attention and service to help you rise to your full potential.

As a result, you will make powerful and lasting shifts in your life at a rapid pace!

1:1 sessions with me will help you get the clarity you need to work on your goals and beliefs.

The supportive masterminds with like minded people will help you stay on course and find various solutions to the problems you are trying to solve in life and at work!

An exciting future with you operating at your top potential is within grasp when you join my Inner Circle!

Inner Circle Tiers

Namita’s Inner Circle is a Premium service. If you are looking for a budget program, the EASE Academy Coaching Membership might work better for you!