Testimonials of my work as a Coach and Trainer can be seen below. Many more of these can be accessed on my linkedin profile!

Namita’s training is a must for all managers. Her training in emotional intelligence has helped me have a better relationship with my reports and my ability in helping my team become more innovative and productive. I will be working with her again in learning the next level of imporvments I can bring about in my management approach!

A--, Sr. Manager Amazon, Seattle,WA

I attended a course Namita hosted called “The Inner Connection Day Retreat” in London, I came back energised with useful, simple tools and techniques that I feel I can apply on a daily basis to help balance work and life. I would highly recommend Namita as a life coach. Surekha Parekh

IBM Marketing Program Director, IBM, London, UK

I organized two of Namita’s trainings for my employees on the topics Self-Awareness ,Thinking Patterns and Emotional Intelligence. After the training I saw better team work in my employees and improved individual performance. I had increased new employee referrals from my employees and reduced attrition!

Girish Shindhe----

COO, Highbrow Technologies, Seattle WA

I attended Namita’s training program on “know yourself to grow yourself”. I found she had a deep understanding on the topic and I benefitted a lot from her training in knowing myself. She also gave various techniques on nurturing and balancing my personality which I found very useful in my growth. I look forward to attending more of Namita’s trainings when she comes to Zurich next Oskar Knapik

Data Scientist, UC Davis, Department of Statistics

I had the pleasure of listening to her at one of her lectures in Düsseldorf. I was amazed at her positive energy and the way she bundled the positive energy at the location. I am looking forward to her lectures in Germany. Neena Hartman

Director, Prexma Consulting, Dusseldorf, Germany

Namita helped me boost my confidence in my workplace and life through developing better awareness of my emotions. She also helped me uncover thinking patterns that were detrimental to my progress and also helped me replace them with better patterns that help me express my strengths and skills fully


Technical Writer, Costco Seattle WA

My single minded purpose is to help people achieve 100% success in personal growth, career growth, relationships and parenting.

I do this with sincerity and it reflects in the results!

Namita Purohit

Namita is an energetic, empathic and engaged coach who has helped thousands of people across America, Europe and India grasp and enjoy the benefits of courses related to emotional intelligence, unconscious bias, strategic thinking to help increase innovation and productivity across organizations. Her training approach has helped teams and individuals understand their true potential, develop creativity and innovation from within oneself. She was also featured on King 5 talking on the concept of mindfulness and stability in life.

She is certified in Personal Counseling. Her in-depth knowledge of various ancient and modern sciences helps her understand and work with individuals and teams to make the best use of her courses. Additionally, Namita is a successful professional, recognized with the prestigious Gold Star Employee Award during her stint as a software engineer in Microsoft. With this strong foundation, she brings together a rare combination of critical thinking and emotional intelligence. This unique approach helps her empathize with the issues faced by teams and individuals while remaining focused on success parameters that empowers the team members towards a future that leaves them in control of difficult or collaborative situations.

Namita Purohit has offered training to over 5000 people from diverse organizations/ institutions like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Expedia, Cap Gemini, IIT Madras, Indian Army and Navy to name a few!


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