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Namita Purohit has built an engagement that works on four levels – develop trust through enhancing a collaborative structure from within, eliminating mind blocks that hold you back, find ways to help your brain breathe and work towards a strategy of barrier elimination and goal setting and achieving methods. All life coaching programs start with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session where you identify barriers and set challenging goals.


Namita Purohit also develops and delivers training programs that are designed to help an organization or team achieve “Inner Development, Outer Excellence”. Her unique approach enables the team to build on the benefits of the training program, working as one unit while she continually adapts to the individual needs of the team members, bringing a perfect mix of team development through personal attention. Her courses are available as part of a training program and some are available online. 

Namita Purohit

Namita is an energetic, emphathetic and engaged coach who has helped thousands of people across America, Europe and India grasp and enjoy the benefits of courses related to mindfulness and career progression. Her training approach has helped teams and individuals understand their true potential, develop creativity and innovation from within oneself. She was also featured on King 5 talking on the concept of mindfulness and stability in life.

She is certified in Personal Counseling. Her in-depth knowledge of various ancient and modern sciences helps her understand and work with individuals and teams to make the best use of her courses. Additionally, Namita is a successful professional, recognized with the prestigious Gold Star Employee Award during her stint as a software engineer in Microsoft. With this strong foundation, she brings together a rare combination of critical thinking and emotional intelligence. This unique approach helps her empathize with the issues faced by teams and individuals while remaining focused on success parameters that empowers the team members towards a future that leaves them in control of difficult or collaborative situations.