Life's Too Short

My team and I  can help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Reserve your initial 20 min strategy session to  compress decades of trial and error into days.

Our Promise
No matter what your goals are, we will help you get there faster

Overcome any challenge life throws at you

Work less & Make More

Become indispensible to your company

Stay Committed and see lasting results

Unlock profound connection in your family & relationships

Strengthen your connection with the Divine

Develop a winning money mindset

Learn tools to persuade, inspire and connect with others

Imagine how different your life would be when you start living with inner balance, purpose clarity and alignment with yourself.  
When you are in a great place with respect to your relationships, wealth, career, spirituality and your own self!  
When you are able to rise to your true potential and achieve all that you are meant to achieve in your life!
When you are able to provide the much needed leadership to yourself, your organization, your family and your community!
When you feel happy inside and that shows in everything you do on the outside.  
What if you can get there with the help of high touch, high impact 1:1 coaching with an  EASE life coach to help you reach your Zenith!!
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Welcome to EASE Results Coaching

Once you join EASE Results Coaching with us, you can rest assured that you will receive everything you need to make progress in your life.
You will receive our exclusive attention and service to help you rise to your full potential.
As a result, you will make powerful and lasting shifts in your life at a rapid pace!
1:1 coaching sessions will help you get the clarity you need to work on your goals and beliefs.
 They will help you stay on course and find various solutions to the problems you are trying to solve in life and at work!
 An exciting future with you operating at your top potential is within grasp when you sign up for the EASE Academy's Platinum Tier!  

How does it all work?

Read through program details below and proceed to book your FREEstrategy session

Once you apply for the EASE Results coaching the following happens:

  1. Once you complete your application you get a link to book your 20 minute strategy session with us
  2. In the strategy session we will go over what you are looking for and help you develop a strategy to reach your goals. 
  3. After you have enrolled for the Results Coaching- you will get matched to your coach and get two coaching sessions per month with your designated EASE Coach to help you work on your focus areas and pain points.
  4. Your EASE COACH has 1:1 coaching sessions with you to help you make progress in your goals.
  5. The Coaching will help you heal your body, your energy , your thinking. It will help you define and achieve your life goals! 
  6. In addition to the 1:1 coaching you will get introspection exercises, guided meditations and more. Tools from Ayurveda, Psychology, Astrology, Chakras, Ancestral work, Family Energy Balancing, Law of Attraction and a lot more! 

Apply Now for results Coaching

Plans start at $3600 for six months or $6900 for the year

Rs.5,96,700/year (+ 18% GST)

This is an ideal program for leaders and high potentials looking for massive growth in their life


EASE 1:1 Results Coaching With Namita Purohit

Private Coaching with Namita

Partner with Namita

Choose your #1 goal.

Any topic: relationships, career growth, business, recovery from emotional abuse, confidence, reach your full potential, find joy!  

Work on your goal for 6 months in a row. Massive victories: guaranteed. Namita has extremely limited availability for 1:1 clients.  

Want to be first-to-know whenever Namita has space on her calendar for private clients?  Join the wait-list, and we’ll notify you!

Plans start at $19,999/Rs. 15 lakhs plus for 6 months to a year!