Namita Purohit in the USA- Introducing VIP Days of Coaching

VIP Days are designed for HIGH ACHIEVERS who are driven, productive, and effective.
As a VIP you can expect to experience movement, breakthrough and results, fast!  

  • VIP days are created specifically to meet your needs, eliminate your blocks, and shift your perspective. Whether you want to find your purpose, change your money story, or build your business, this intense environment will leave you changed.   
  • VIP Days are concentrated and focused so that you can experience transformation. Focusing on who you are, the vision you have and the dream you want to build, we dive into your challenges so that you can create an impactful ripple effect in the world.  
  • What makes it special is that I blend Eastern Wisdom and Western Wisdom in my coaching. That accelerates results for my clients and helps their spiritual values inform their plan.

I have a few spots open for my VIP days of coaching while I am in the USA.
If you are looking for exclusive coaching with me that includes deep work with quick massive action then click the button below.

Designed for your unique needs

  • Prior to your scheduled VIP Day we start with a 1.5-hour kickoff session where your needs, goals, and desires are determined. We focus on key themes or topics that are most important to you. Prep work is sent to prepare your mindset and information is gathered so that I can create a VIP experience that will be meaningful, moving, and productive. 
  • Typical VIP Days are 4-8 hours in length and can be done over a 1- or 2-day period. Combined with follow up support and accountability, this powerful and personal process shines a light on where you are reacting to life instead of creating the life you were meant for. 
  • As a special BONUS you also get a FREE ticket to the 3 day EASE Infinity Dallas event Nov 3,4,5 when you book a full VIP day of coaching.

This is for you if

You have a big vision that you want to breathe life into. 
You are driven, like the bottom line, and want results. 
You’re looking to up-level your life. 
You would like to experience transformation and freedom in a few key areas in your life. 
Your money story is blocking your earning potential. 
You’re looking to strategize and grow your self, life, relationships business and career. 
You’re passionate but lack focus and follow through.
 You have focus and follow through but lack passion.

Its been an absolute joy to work with Namita. She enables her coachees to develop toolkits that help gain clarity around purpose and passions in life. She is extremely authentic and creates structures that help re-evaluate thinking, assumptions and best. The best thing about Namita is her blended approach of eastern wisdom with western science and philosophy. This makes the entire process pragmatic and achievable Above everything else, Namita is a gem of a human - kind, direct, warm and full of compassion and positivity. Its been one of my best decision to work with her and look forward to applying learnings and realization in every facet of life.
Vaishali B

Senior Director, Walmart Global Tech

Namita’s training is a must for all individuals especially for professional managers. Her training on emotional intelligence helped me have better personal and professional relationships, and build insights into my communication and beliefs and how they can affect others. She also has great tools to understand your social, emotional, personal and professional needs and how to build a inner healthy dialogue to overcome failures and achieve greater success. She is a great listener and a wonder 1:1 coach, and superb to work with. I wish her all the best for future endeavors, and recommend her to all professionals.
Anchal N

Engineering Manager, Amazon

I did enjoy practicing different mindfulness techniques through Namita's teaching. The techniques she gave have been very helpful for the daily work, which can be stressful and demanding for managers like us. I felt it was useful and it helped to get higher perspective and provide better solutions for many of the problems we meet. Thank you Namita!
Sylvain Dromaint

General Manager

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Vip Full Day of Coaching with Namita Purohit


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  • Kansas: Oct 30, Dallas:Nov 1,2,6,8
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