EASE Talks with Namita

Welcome to EASE Talks with Namita, a podcast dedicated to exploring the depths of relationships, human excellence, emotional wellness, and growth from a Bhartiya Indic perspective. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as a special guest!  

EASE Talks is a platform where we engage in thought-provoking conversations about various aspects of life. Through our podcast episodes, we delve into topics such as love, friendship, family dynamics, self-improvement, emotional well-being, and more. We aim to share the wisdom and teachings from our Bhartiya Indic heritage, promoting holistic growth and fulfillment.  

Become a Guest on EASE Talks

As a guest on our podcast, you will have the opportunity to share your insights, experiences, and unique perspectives. We believe in fostering meaningful discussions and learning from each other's journeys. By joining us, you'll contribute immensely to our listeners' understanding and provide them with valuable knowledge and inspiration.