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Our education system doesn’t prepare us for the world today.I aspire to fill that gap for you with my personal growth programs focused on “Inner Development, Outer Excellence”

Ayurveda: Food, Mood, Emotions & You

We are conscious of the nutritional content of the food we eat , however we miss out on the effect that food & its handling can have on our emotions. Through this course learn the basics of how food affects our mood and emotions. Eat to reduce anxiety, stress, anger, worry, lethargy and increase focus, productivity, clarity, happiness and calm

Take Charge Of Your Emotions

What are the problems you see in your organization that are stifling your growth? Work with me to identify areas of improvement so we can develop customized training solutions for you. 

Know Your Self To Grow Yourself -Coming Soon

Self-Awareness is the key to success in life, relationships and our careers. In this course I share wisdom from Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology to help you know yourself. I also share techniques to help you balance and elevate your personality !