Act From Your Spiritual Identity: Connect With God's Unconditional Love for You

Our spiritual identity is eternal and unchanging, while our material identity is subject to change. The Lord's love is unconditional.

We are all spiritual beings, part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. As such, we have an eternal identity that is far above and higher than our temporary material identity. Our true nature is that of a spirit soul, and we have had many relationships over many lifetimes. However, the only permanent relationship we have is with the Lord himself – an eternal relationship that nobody can take away from us.

Our material identity is temporary and subject to change. We may identify ourselves by our occupation, family, or social status, but these are all temporary designations. They can be lost or taken away from us at any time. On the other hand, our spiritual identity is eternal and unchanging. It is not affected by the temporary changes that take place in the material world.

The Bhagavad Gita, a sacred text in the Hindu tradition, explains that we are all spiritual beings on a journey through life. Our goal is to develop our relationship with the Supreme Lord and eventually return to our original spiritual home. This journey involves many lifetimes, and in each life, we have the opportunity to grow spiritually and develop our relationship with the Lord.

Through our many lifetimes, we have had various relationships with others. We may have been friends, enemies, or family members with someone in a previous life. However, these relationships are temporary and subject to change. Only our relationship with the Lord is eternal and unchanging. It is the one relationship that truly matters, as it is the key to our spiritual growth and ultimate liberation.

The Lord is our eternal companion and guide, and he is always with us, even when we may not be aware of his presence. He is the source of all love, beauty, and happiness, and by developing our relationship with him, we can experience true fulfillment and joy.

God Loves us Unconditionally

God's love is unconditional and all-encompassing, regardless of our social status, accomplishments, or flaws. It is a love that is equal for everyone, whether we are a movie actor, a high achiever, or someone with many discrepancies. God sees us for who we truly are, beyond our external appearances and worldly accomplishments. His love for us is based on our true spiritual nature, and he accepts us as we are, flaws and all. This love is not based on any external factors or achievements but is given freely and unconditionally. No matter who we are or what we have done, we can always rely on God's love and acceptance.

God has always been there with us

As the Super Soul, the Lord never abandons us, but instead, He has been with us as we have gone through each birth. He has been our constant companion, guiding us and providing us with the necessary wisdom and strength to navigate through life's challenges. Even when we may feel alone, the Lord is always present within our hearts, watching over us and protecting us. His love is all-encompassing, and He is always ready to offer us comfort and solace in times of need. We can trust in the Lord's unwavering love and know that He will never abandon us, no matter what may come our way.

The Unbreakable Relationship:Our Relationship with God

We have an eternal relationship with the Lord, and as His devotees, we are in service to Him. This relationship is unbreakable, and no matter what anyone may do to us, they cannot take away our true identity or our relationship with the Lord. Even when we are faced with gaslighting, smear campaigns, rage, belittling of our personhood, or denial of our emotions and identity, we can find solace in the fact that our relationship with the Lord is eternal and unchanging and that they cannot take that away from us.

We can take comfort in the fact that no one has the power to take away our true identity as spiritual beings and our devotion to the Lord. Furthermore, even the Lord Himself cannot take away our relationship with Him. It is ours, and it is eternal. We can find solace in that permanence, knowing that our relationship with the Lord is permanent and unbreakable, even in the face of adversity. 

Our eternal relationship with the Lord is our source of strength and comfort, reminding us that no matter what may happen in our lives, we have a constant companion in the Lord, who loves and guides us unconditionally.

In times of difficulty, we can turn to the Lord for strength and guidance, knowing that He is always with us and that our eternal relationship with Him remains steadfast and unbreakable.

Human Life is precious

Human life is incredibly precious, and we should strive to use it carefully and purposefully in alignment with our true eternal nature as spirit souls in service to the Lord. By focusing on our true identity and living a life of service to the Lord, we can rise above our daily concerns and find greater meaning and purpose in our lives. We can offer our experiences, duties, and work in service to the Lord, knowing that every action we take can be an offering of devotion to Him. By remaining steadfast in our commitment to serving the Lord, we can strive for the perfection of coming out of the cycle of birth, disease, old age, and death and remain in uninterrupted, unmotivated service to the Lord in the spiritual world. This is the ultimate goal of human life, and we should make every effort to stay focused on that purpose, using our time and talents to serve the Lord in every way possible.

A Consistent Spiritual Practice is Needed to Remain in the Spiritual Conception

Having a solid spiritual practice is essential to staying connected to the Lord and our true identity as spiritual beings. This practice can include meditating on the nama (name), rupa (form), guna (qualities), and lila (pastimes) of the Lord. By focusing our minds on these aspects of the Lord, we can develop a deeper connection to Him and strengthen our devotion. It's also important to practice in the association of devotees of the Lord, who can offer guidance, support, and encouragement as we navigate the ups and downs of our spiritual journey. Through regular practice and association with like-minded individuals, we can remain steadfast in our remembrance of the Lord and stay connected to the reality of our true identity. Ultimately, it is through this connection that we can find true fulfilment and happiness in our lives.

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