The Amazon Manager : How Connecting With Himself Helped Him Connect Well With Others

He approached me to say he did not know how to have a relationship with his reports, he was overwhelmed with events in his personal life....

He approached me to express that he was unsure about how to establish relationships with his subordinates. He felt overwhelmed due to events in his personal life. While he had progressed significantly due to his technical skills, he recognized the need to develop his interpersonal skills to continue growing.

We identified some of his core goals as follows:

  1. Enhance his patience when interacting with colleagues who didn't meet his standards in terms of technical and interpersonal skills.
  2. Disrupt the pattern of anxiety that led to anger in his professional and personal interactions.


Through assisting numerous clients in exploring their anxiety origins, I have often observed it rooted in feelings of helplessness during crucial moments in childhood.

My client grew up in India, with both parents working tirelessly to provide for the family. Evenings were dedicated to maintaining the household. As a child, my client faced numerous educational challenges alone, leading to a habitual response of catastrophizing situations. His inner dialogue often revolved around viewing any mistake as a potential disaster. This mindset persisted into adulthood, causing heightened anxiety during work deadlines and eventual outbursts of anger.

Our coaching involved helping him understand the origin of this inner dialogue from his childhood. We employed techniques like elevating thought patterns, releasing energy blocks, guided meditations, and subconscious exploration. Through these methods, my client successfully transitioned from the belief that errors equate to disasters, to a more rational outlook. His new belief became, "This problem is difficult but solvable. I possess the resources and experience to tackle it. I can seek assistance from experts if needed. Mistakes are learning opportunities and not catastrophic."


To address his first goal, we engaged in exercises rooted in Ayurveda to understand his personality type. This provided insights into his triggers and reasons behind his reactions. Subsequently, we devised strategies to enhance his understanding of various communication styles and motivators—logic, emotion, and relationships. This enabled him to navigate relationships more effectively, shifting from judgment to empathy.


An unintended positive outcome was my client's heightened self-awareness and self-care. He utilized a chart detailing the five layers of personality and corresponding needs. By prioritizing these needs, he embraced a more holistic lifestyle, wherein his career was just one facet.

Checking in six months after our coaching engagement concluded, my client reported sustained progress. His self-awareness and understanding of others continued to deepen, fostering better relationships and improved performance at work and home.

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