9 Reasons to Hire a Coach for Your Growth!

A coach engages you in powerful coaching conversations. By asking the right questions they enable breakthroughs causing desirable shifts in your life

A coach engages you in powerful coaching conversations. By asking the right questions they enable breakthroughs leading to desirable shifts in your life. Coaches are in no way supposed to be authoritative and they are definitely not there to tell you what to do. Rather Coaches help you discover facets of your personality and align yourself to your goals and purpose.

One of the best benefits of hiring a life coach is that they will work together with you so that you may formulate a decisive plan for yourself. This plan will allow you to expand your mindset and eventually realize your goals.

I have a few coaches that work with me for different areas of my life. I have found the following benefits in having these coaches with work me.

1. A Coach Helps You Save Time and Gain a Competitive Edge

You could either solve your growth issue by “Do it yourself” through your own research, trials and errors or you could signup with an expert coach who has proven models to help you reach your goals. You save time, energy and pain working with an expert in their area having dealt with various clients and growth journey. Instead of focusing your time in figuring things out, you would rather follow the program created for you by the expert.My Coaches have helped me move fast from point a to point b in my journey. Their contribution to my growth has been tremendous.

2. A Coach Is Supportive

When you hire a life coach you are deciding to work with someone who is always willing to listen and understand. Life coaches are not there to judge. They rather encourage you to confide in them so that you can work through your blocks and achieve your goals. Challenges from your growth journey that you feel uncomfortable sharing with family and friends you can easily share with your coach.

3. A Coach Helps You Deal With Your Blind Spots

While you try your best to grow , you wonder why certain interactions always end of the same way ,why you repeatedly find yourself in certain situations and why do people respond to you in the same way in spite of all your efforts to get a different response. A life coach helps you know your blind spots by helping you find them from your repeated patterns. The Life Coach coaches you to apply alternate patterns.

4. A Coach Helps You Build Your Authenticity

You do not have to become something else in order to grow. It is very difficult to grow when you are acting against your grain. A Coach helps you know yourself better. A coach helps you build from your increased awareness of yourself and make decisions accordingly. A coach helps you “do-it-your-way” rather than act from a place of diluting identity.

5. A Coach Helps You Find Your Purpose

A leader needs to formulate their goals and guiding principles along with a very sure purpose., the purpose for which they exist, the legacy they want to leave. This can get very confusing as one is dealing with various moving parts at any given time. Coaches are always there to ask you the most significant questions – “What is the Purpose of your life? What is important to you? Why is that important?”. The answers can be life-changing for the individual. Having a meaningful purpose drives us to carry on, accomplish tasks, learn from failures and derive satisfaction from success.

6. A Coach Helps You Stay On Track

It is easy to get distracted from our purpose and goals as life throws its curve balls at us. A Coach helps us stay focused by helping us evaluate our choices in light of purpose and goals. If the purpose/goals need tweaking because of new discovery the coach helps you do it as well. If our distractions point to some inner work that we need to do , the coach helps us with that too.

7. A Coach Helps You See The Wisdom Behind Your Emotions

Our Emotions have a ton of intelligence about – our values, what is important to us, our fears, our inhibitions, our worries. By asking the questions, “How do you feel about this? What does this do to you? Where in the body are you feeling this? – a coach helps you tap into the wisdom behind your emotions, what are those emotions pointing to you. Tapping into this wisdom helps you make decisions aligned to who you are. Discovering the reasons for your fears and inhibitions helps you also overcome them.

8. A Coach Brings a Fresh Perspective

The person we spent the most time with is ourselves. We can become limited by our perspectives , loyalties, fears and experience. A Coach’s job is to help you see things from different perspectives to help you grow, to try things you have never done before and to take risks while being fully supported by the coach as you break new ground.

9. A Coach Helps You Become Unstuck

Many times we find our selves stuck in our lives, in our careers not able to see ways to change or get out of the archaic patterns or situations. With their experience coaches are able to help you become unstuck from your current situation and see things in a new way. Identify new ways of being and growing, identify new solutions to old problems.

A life coach works with you to create a plan of action so that you gain full control of your life events. As you start taking the accountability of your actions and goals you find your life changing. Life coaches help you take responsibility of your self-discovery and bring out the best features of your personality. 

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